Accounting Services

Why Accounting is an indispensable part of any business

Accounting is a very important part of each successful business. A business cannot serve or exist without the assistance of professional accountants. Business in Dubai, India, or in the USA, accountants have a crucial role in auditing, bookkeeping, tax services, and many other roles. Look for accounting firms in Dubai offering professional services as they are the strongest pillars of a company.

Any business which exceeds mandatory thresholds limit of AED 375,000 should require to register for VAT.

Why you need accounting services?

  • There is a need to hire professional accounting and auditing firms in Dubai as accounting is not revolving only around counting money. There are lots more beyond counting money. Hiring professional accounting services in Dubai means you get to set the best business structure. The business structures include partnerships, corporations, LLC, and lots more
  • Business requires the assistance of accounting software. Without a professional accountant’s help, businesses may end up buying some fake software. Accountants are the right people to guide you through the accounting journey. For successful businesses, it is very important to have a business plan and financial analysis.
  • Accounting services involve tracking business expenses. This is because business transactions mean it includes spending and earning. Not maintaining proper records may result in confusing transactions that it is a must to have professional accounting services in Dubai.
  • Business needs to calculate tax returns as a part of the accounting services. Therefore, consulting accounting companies in Dubai becomes inevitable for the tax needs of a company.

Accounting is referred to as the backbone of a business. It can be considered as the initial support offered by bookkeeping. Establishing business means abiding by the rules where the business is done is a mandate. Accounting is a mandate in UAE by VAT and Corporate law. This has given rise to several auditing and accounting firms in Dubai. There are many accounting firms in emirates and Abu Dhabi as well.

Dubai Accounting services offered

Accounting services in the UAE is very important as it is triggered for corporate tax. The crux of business in Dubai is well understood by the accounting and auditing companies in Dubai. A few important accounting services in Dubai include:

  • Bookkeeping services available with local IFRS and GAAP requirements.
  • Accounts payable service to check the payment and invoice done.
  • Monthly bookkeeping and tracking of each transaction.
  • Reconciliations of accounts
  • Preparing financial reports such as Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Trial Balance.
  • Business Valuation to assess compliance about acquisition and mergers transaction, asset valuation calculation, and forecasting possibilities.